Premium VIP Coaching

"As a leader the most important investment you can make, is an investment in yourself. You are the most precious asset you own. You can become anything you want provided you make the right investments." George Ambler

Research shows those who invest in themselves are happier, wealthier and more fit. Premium VIP coaching puts you in direct contact with Solace founder, owner, wellness & lifestyle expert, Liz Nierzwicki.  

"Premium coaching has impacted my more than all of my years going to a gym on my own. The ability to focus on my goals and flow with that is happening in my life from week to week has helped me stick to a plan that is supporting my health and happiness. I utilize Liz's "Spiritual Medicine" morning mindset routine to begin my day and I've noticed a significant difference in my ability to stay focused. Liz has so much to offer, I'm often surprised when she senses something I didn't even know I need and all of a sudden, I'm notiting a difference in my body or way of thinking. Liz is the expert at helping people break bad habits. She's kind of like a life & wellness therapist!"  Dave Patzwald


Premium VIP Coaching Covers:

  • Holistic Health Assessment: happiness, current state of health, and current fitness level and goals
  • Blueprint to follow in all goals uncovered from assessment
  • Lifestyle behavior change processes to follow that create real change and form new healthy habits.
  • Personal accountability and goal setting metrics.
  • Personal Yoga Sessions
  • Personal Training
  • Breathing Techniques for Stress Management and Mindset
  • Meditation Training
  • Nutrition plan, meal plans, and recipes
  • Monthly Weigh-In Analysis: Breakdown of Fat, Muscle, Bone, Water
  • 12 total 90-min sessions per month at agreed upon location. YOUR business, home, OR one of our designated training locations.


PREMIUM VIP COACHING Single Session 1 Month (12 sessions) 3 months (12 sessions/month)
Premium VIP (1-on-1) Coaching Book Now (12) 90 min sessions (No Contract) (3 Month Agreement) 
Small Group  Contact for Group Pricing Contact for Group Pricing Contact for Group Pricing


How to get started and what you will need:

  • All sessions are by appointment only
  • Wear comfortable fitness clothing. 
  • Barefoot for yoga. Tennis shoes for personal training. Comfortable clothes for meditation. 
  • We'll bring the fitness equipment & yoga mat and/or meditation pillow.