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Solace Yoga Studio’s online courses are designed to make learning easy & fun! 

  • 3-Week Meditation e-Course - In this 3-week digital course you will learn what neuroscientists have discovered about our natural "default" brain state (active mind) and how meditation helps us to come out of it, exactly what meditation is and how to do it. You will be taught different meditation techniques in order to find one that resonates with you.  Includes guided meditations to listen to anywhere (phone, iPad, or computer)  >>Sign up here!<<


  • The Path of Yoga (On-Ramp) - Ready to get started on the path of yoga? We're excited to teach you the basics of the path of yoga so that you can feel comfortable going in to any class going forward. This on-ramp program will get you started swiftly and efficiently on your path to wholness, healing, and true bliss. >> Purchase Here << 


  • 3-Day Juice Detox & Ayurvedic Cookbook - The 3-day juice detox is an ayurvedic cleanse that will help you feel radiant cleansed from the inside out. The ayurvedic cookbook includes over 20 recipes for healthy living before and after the detox. >> Purchase Here <<


  • The SPIRITUAL WARRIOR 90-Day Transformation via figureFIT! - It's time to learn once and for all how to set yourself up to win. Lose the weight. Begin and develop a strong fitness routine. Get the meal plans and guidance you need to make this stick in the figureFIT! Spiritual Warrior (online) Lifestyle Coaching Program. You get: personal training workouts to do, meal plans, recipes, meditations, yoga videos, an amazing accountability group, and unlimited support to members in the rpivate group page. Love the body you live in and become Happy Healthy, and FIT with this 90-Day transformation journey.  >> Learn More / Sign Up < <