Corporate Wellness Program

A premium health & fitness transformational experience brought to you by Solace Yoga Studio & School Founder and International Best Selling Author, Liz Nierzwicki of the book Happy Healthy Fit - Transform your life in 90-days with the figureFIT Lifestyle Program


7-10 Week Premium Coaching Journey

  • The Happy Healthy Fit - Pillars to Perfect Health & Wellness Educational Program
  • Live Lean VIP DAY = Spiritual Warrior Fat Loss Breakthrough
  • Access to the online figureFIT Lifestyle Coaching platform where members will get workouts, meal plans, recipes, meditations, yoga, AND probably the most important part... access to people who will keep you motivated, learning and accountable. 


Happy Healthy Fit – Pillars to Perfect Health & Wellness Educational Program

Pillars we will cover:

  1. Nutrition
    1. Understand Your Body’s Nutrition Needs (Nutrition 101: Macros/Micros & Nutrient Timing)
    2. Gut Health  
    3. Meal Planning 
  2. Exercise
    1. Exercise Science (Understanding Energy Systems, Weight Lifting vs. Cardio, Metabolism)
    2. Muscle Building
    3. Carb Capacity
    4. Form, Compression, Muscle tension
  3. The Fat Loss Secrets + Becoming a Fat Burning Machine
    1. 14-Day Induction Diet – Fat Loss Jumpstart!
    2. Intermittent Fasting & Becoming a Fat Burning Machine (Daily Nutrition Sample Meal Plans)
  4. Your Future Self’s Success & Mastery Toolkit
    1. Know your WHY – Take Power Back
    2. Lifestyle Tools – Creating a purposeful environment; Consistent Non-Negotiables
    3. Tribe – Stay plugged in to doing what your mentor is doing. Stay plugged in tribe. Get out of own way.
    4. Sleep
    5. Environment: Home, Work, 5 Friends
    6. Stress Management
    7. Play
    8. Yoga
  5. Mindset:
    1. 4 Modes of Unconsciousness
    2. How to Meditate
    3. The Detriment of Stress & Triggers
    4. Stress Management 
    5. Breaking the Bad Habits & Beginning New
  6. Happiness
    1. Self-Love: Selfishness, Acceptance, Self-Worth, Compassion, Wholeness (Masculine/Feminine), Mental Chatter, Limiting Beliefs,
    2. Relationships, Dates, Energy
    3. Personal Growth: Investment in Learning, Mentors, Purpose, Vision/Mission

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